200HR Yoga Teacher Training

It’s time to dig deep and dive in – to yoga, to your practice, and to yourself.

Now happening in a hybrid model: in-person + online


We can’t wait to lead you on your journey.

Maybe you’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what’s next for you and finally realized this is it. Maybe you’ve been searching for the right way to start helping and serving others. Maybe you’ve been practicing yoga for years, and this feels like the next step. Or, maybe you’re not even sure how you got here, but there’s a little part of you deep down, that knows now is the time to for you to take this leap.

No matter what brought you to this moment, we’re glad you’re here.

Teaching yoga is an incredible privilege and the process of learning how to do it is one that will change your life forever– for the better.


Whether you’re positive you want to teach yoga for a career or you know you want to deepen your practice but you’re not sure you ever want to teach a class, our training will meet you where you are and help you grow from there.

10-Month 2020 TRAINING BEGINS October 17th

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This is an investment…

financially, energetically, and time(ly)

{doesn’t fit… but parts of speech, ya know?}. And it’s important to know what kind of return you’re going to get for your investment. Here are some key things you can expect to get out of this training…

1. You’ll know how to teach really awesome yoga classes.

Our training isn’t just a general overview of all-things yoga. This training is specific, it’s smart, and it’s designed to equip you with the skills you need to lead an awesome yoga class every single time you teach. You’ll never be stuck wondering how to put a class together or how to make sure you’re giving students a good experience. You’ll come out of our training fully prepared to consistently teach strong, smart, inspirational classes.

2. You’ll advance your own practice.

The best way to learn is to teach. This training is extremely experiential. You’ll look super closely at the alignment for each yoga pose and understand where you can make adjustments in your own practice. Ever felt like handstands were totally out of reach? Or crow pose was a no-go? This training will help you figure out why and give you the knowledge to start advancing and moving your practice forward.

3. You’ll get free yoga.

Training includes unlimited classes at our studio throughout your training. For real– come as much as you want.

4. You’ll form a tribe of awesome people.

You’re basically going to find a whole new group of best friends you never knew you always wanted. Your fellow trainees are going to become your people. They’ll become confidants, a support system, and people you’ll laugh + cry with. They’ll basically become a second family {and may even drive you crazy from time to time!}. Whether you stay friends forever, or only see each other now and then after training, these will be people who you’ll share a lifelong bond with.

5. You’ll learn to build a business.

Being a yoga teacher is really fun, but it’s also a business. Our training will not only give you the skills needed to teach classes, but also to start building a business as a yoga teacher. We’ll break down the reality of working in this industry and what you need to do to make it profitable. We’ll give you tips on how to get hired at studios {including our own!}. Plus, you’ll have a team of senior teachers as your mentors to contact anytime you have questions along the way.

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Our training is founded on the idea that yoga is a 5,000 year old practice {whhhat?!}, yet can easily be applied to your modern lifestyle.

We strike the perfect balance between honoring ancient yoga traditions and teaching yoga in a way that’s accessible for modern day students, all in a hands-on program with lots of face-time {like 180 hours of it!}.

Want to read the list of what we cover? It’s long, so get ready…


This is what sets out training apart from all the rest. Our method of sequencing will provide you with a simple and straightforward way to create thoughtful, creative, and exciting classes that will help your students develop as students and advance their practice. Seriously, you’re going to learn to create awesome classes every. single. time.


Our alignment system is rooted in the Iyengar method of yoga. We focus on teaching safe, focused, and traditional alignment and students learn how to make poses accessible to all students.


Is public speaking your worst nightmare? It’s time to face it in the friendliest environment possible! You’ll have many opportunities to practice your teaching in both small and large groups. Be prepared to mess up the first few times {we all do!} and rely on your teacher trainers + mentors to provide feedback on how to refine and improve your teaching and define your voice and style.


You’ll learn simple pranayama techniques that can be taught during your asana classes. Plus, you’ll be introduced to different types of meditation, learn how to develop your own meditation practice, +  guide others through mindfulness techniques as well.


We use hands-on assists to help students find the correct alignment of poses, and also to make the poses feel really, really good. You’ll learn how to confidently give assists that will enhance the experience for your students, in a totally safe way.


Here’s where we honor the history. You’ll take an exciting journey into the ancient texts that make yoga a sacred practice. Plus, you’ll understand how to incorporate this philosophy into your life and your classes in a way that feels comfortable and accessible to you and your students.


Our curriculum examines anatomy specifically as it is related to a yoga practice. Along with studying the bones and muscles needed in yoga poses, you’ll also learn how the physical body is influenced by the chakra system and subtle body. {It’s really cool stuff!}


Learning how to offer basic modifications for pregnant students is an amazing way to make sure you can support all students who walk into your class. This part of the training will teach you how to help mamas-to-be move through a Vinyasa yoga class.


You’ll learn the truth and details behind what it takes to make yoga a business. We’re an open book when it comes to this, so bring us alllllllll your questions. We’ll spill our secrets on getting started as a yoga instructor, expanding your following, and on what it means to choose yoga as a career path.

Get the inside scoop from past grads

Doing my 200 hrs YTT at the HYP last year was one of the best things I have done in my life so far. While I didn‘t do it to teach necessarily, it gave me the confidence to teach a well rounded vinyasa class, but also gave me a great overview and insights about yoga philosophy, alignment and deepened my own practice and approach to yoga profoundly. The HYP Community has been very welcoming from the beginning and the Sr. Teachers and mentors throughout the teacher training always were a great source of yoga wisdom and advice 🙂

-Janine, 200HR YTT Graduate

My 200-hour training at HYP gave me the fundamentals of teaching I was looking for and helped me to deepen my own practice.  The teachers were great at breaking down poses, from simple to complex.  HYP sequencing is logical and intelligent, and I always return to the basics of sequencing I learned from this training when planning classes.  I came away from training feeling inspired to continue my own practice and excited to share my learnings through teaching!

-Ellie, 200HR YTT Graduate

Sounds great!

So what’s the cost?

Teacher Training is a big investment {we’ve been there, so we get it!}.

That’s why we offer 3 different options to make it work for you.


One Payment of


the middle ground

Six payments of


{with a $400 non-refundable deposit}

Take your time!

Ten payments of


{with a $600 non-refundable deposit}

Last thing…

What’s the schedule?

We offer 2 different 200HR training programs throughout the year. Our 10-month program is more spread out so you have less of a commitment each month, but take more time to finish. Our 6-month program always meets twice per month, but you finish the training faster.  

Fall 2020

9-Month Program

October 2020 – May 2021

Saturday + Sunday  | 1:30-7:30PM

Full Schedule
October 17th + 18th, 2020
November 14th + 15th, 2020
December 5th + 6th, 2020
December 12th + 13th, 2020
January 9th + 10th, 2021
January 23rd + 24th, 2021
February 13th + 14th, 2021
March 6th + 7th, 2021
March 20th + 21st, 2021
April 11th + 12th, 2021
March 1st + 2nd, 2021
March 15th + 16th, 2021

Spring 2021

6-Month Program

Dates Coming Soon!

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