300HR Yoga Teacher Training

Teaching yoga is your passion and you’re ready to learn more – a lot more.

We’re here to guide you along the way, while letting you make this journey your own.

Are you a yoga teacher who is ready to offer your students a way to learn + grow more?  Maybe you’re looking to understand the depth your own practice is capable of meeting.  Or maybe you’ve finally decided you want to be an expert in your field and really focus your classes on something specific.
You may even be a mix of all three.

Teaching yoga is a privilege. And when it’s also your purpose + passion, you always want to learn more.

Being a student of yoga is one of the most important parts of being a great yoga teacher. In order to serve your students well, you need to be constantly embracing your own curiosity in order to uncover more layers of the practice. Whether you’re looking to enhance your overall teaching, or want to dive deeper into a specific element of the practice, our 300HR Advanced Yoga Teacher Training will give you what you’re looking for.

Read on to learn more about what our training will offer you…

Starting a 300HR training program is a big deal.

It requires a commitment to serious study + practice, which takes up valuable time that you probably already feel a little short on. We want you want to choose a program that is worth your investment– both energetically and financially– and that aligns with your values as a teacher. 

Our training is the best fit for you if…

1. You want to learn how to practice and teach advanced yoga poses.

The core of our training is focused on teaching Advanced Asana for Vinyasa classes. Light on Yoga is going to become your bible as you dig in to advanced inversions, backbends, arm balances + more. You’ll learn how to break these poses down in an accessible way for yourself + for your students and maybe even practice poses you never thought would be possible.

2. You’re ready to become a master at sequencing classes.

Sequencing is kind of our thing! We believe it is the key to being a yoga teacher who stands out from all the rest and in our 300HR training we take a deep deep into our sequencing secret sauce {say that 5x fast!}. We’re going to teach how to create classes where every pose has a purpose and every student will find success. This is a key piece that will help you stand out among other yoga teachers and become an expert at teaching vinyasa yoga.

3. You want to define your “thing”.

Students love you not only for your great sequence, but for the other things you bring to class. Are you super into yoga philosophy? Or do the Chakras + Koshas get your juices flowing? Maybe Restorative Yoga is your speciality and you’re ready to learn more. From advanced anatomy to Ayurveda + beyond, our elective weekends will help you choose topics that will enhance your teaching and expand your knowledge.

4. You’re looking to build a network of mentors + peers.

We take seriously love yoga, and we seriously love our teachers. The business is amazing but–let’s get really here– it can also be really hard.  Having a tribe of fellow teachers is so important for self-care in this industry. You’ll be able to bounce around business ideas, practice hands-on, or just to grab a coffee with other people who totally get it.

5. You’re ready to take the time for yourself and commit to study + practice.

This program designed for you to obtain your advanced certification in a 10-month period. You’ll be making the choice to put yourself first and give yourself the space and time to really delve deep into your personal practice, and to your journey and path as a yoga teacher. Now, we know yoga teachers’ schedules are busy and unpredictable, and this training is designed to work with that. So if you have some conflicts along the way, we’ll work with you to create a plan that still makes this all possible.  

Want more info on how it works? Keep scrolling!

Our 300HR Yoga Teacher Training is a total of 16 weekend trainings.

You’ll take a mix of Core Curriculum Weekends focused on Advanced Asana and Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing + electives in Yoga Philosophy + Subtle Body Work to balance out the training. . We offer this training from October – June each year in a 3-Module format. 

The best part? These weekends apply to Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits so you’re able to get value out of them immediately. 

Ready to learn more about our 300HR Curriculum?


Restorative, Therapeutics, + Pranayama

Advanced Anatomy: Feet, Knees, Hips, + Pelvis

Advanced Anatomy: Hands, Elbows, Shoulders, + Neck

Subtle Body Immersion: The Koshas + Chakras


Core Curriculum

Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing 1 + 2
Advanced Sun Salutations

Advanced Asana: Arm Balances

Advanced Asana: Inversions

Advanced Asana: Backbends

Advanced Asana: Lotus + Seated Postures

Teaching Levels + Privates


Advanced Hands-On


Pranayama + Meditation

Yoga Philosophy

Bhakti Immersion with Rhagunath Cappo


What Past Grads Have to Say

I loved everything about my training, and feel very grateful that I was able to train under teachers and colleagues that I respect and admire. The HYP has become my home studio and I value greatly being able to train and teach there.

-Shannon, 300HR YTT Graduate

I had been teaching for a while when I decided to sign up for my 300HR training at the HYP and truthfully, I didn’t expect it to change my teaching that much. Boy was I wrong. I am a completely different teacher now than I was before doing this training– for the better. I have no idea how much I didn’t know until I gained the knowledge from this training. My understanding of yoga as both a student and teacher profoundly changed and I’m grateful every day that I made the investment to do it.

-Kate, 300HR YTT Graduate

Sounds great!

So what’s the cost?

Teacher Training is a big investment {we’ve been there, so we get it!}.

That’s why we offer 2 different options to make it work for you.


One Payment of


More time please!

12-Month Payment Plan

$350 per month


What’s The Schedule? 

Our 300HR YTT starts in October and runs in modules until June. The training weekends are listed below, topics for each weekend are subject to change.

Module 1


 Saturday + Sunday 1:30-8:00PM

*times subject to change*

October 25-27th, 2019 – Sun Salutations
November 1-3rd, 2019- Arm Balances
November 8-10th, 2019- Inversions
November 22-24th, 2019- Backbends
December 6-8th, 2019- Lotus + Seated Poses + Forward Folds

Module 2


Friday, Saturday, Sunday

(F) 6:30-9:30PM (S + S ) 1:30-7:30PM

*times subject to change*

January 17-19th, 2020- Sequencing
January 24-26th, 2020- Hands-on
January 31-February 2nd, 2020- Anatomy 1
February 21-23rd, 2020- Practice Teach
February 28-March 1st, 2020- Anatomy 2

Module 3


Friday, Saturday, Sunday

(F) 6:30-9:30PM (S + S ) 1:30-7:30PM

*times subject to change*

March 28th + 29th, 2020- Bhagavad Gita 
May 29-31st, 2020- Sacred Texts + Dharma
June 5-7th, 2020- Koshas + Chakras
June 12-14th, 2020- Ayurveda
June 19-21st, 2020- Restorative + Pranayama
June 26-28th, 2020- Bhakti Retreat
*note- accomomdations at additional cost *

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