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A bit about us…

Good Yoga. Good People. Good Living.

We teach really awesome yoga classes, in a community of super cool people.

Our mission is simple: we help people transform their lives through yoga. By practicing with us you’ll get stronger + more flexible. You’ll send your stress levels way down + bring your happiness levels way up. You’ll feel freer, calmer, and more balanced. You’ll learn about yourself, meet amazing people, + change your life for the better.

Work Your Body + Your Brain

Every time you practice with us you’ll build strength + flexibility in your muscles and create resilience + clarity in your mind. Our yoga class style strikes the perfect balance between the dynamic, powerful classes expected from modern vinyasa yoga + the meditative, spiritual connection rooted in ancient tradition. It’s a complete workout– for the body + the brain.

Find Your People

The HYP is a place where you’ll find friends that turn into family. We are here when you want to laugh and even more when need to cry. Our zone is judgement-free and drama-free. Our space is a safe one, the moment you walk through our door. We’re each other’s biggest cheerleaders. We love, we support, and we lift each other up. When you’re a HYP-ster, you’re family.

Embrace Curiosity

The bottom line is we’re not just here to teach the hippy dippy fluffy stuff. We are fiercely passionate about teaching and teaching really, really well. We want you to learn. About yoga. About each other. And most importantly, about yourself. With knowledge comes power and we’re all about empowering you to dream big and live bold.

Roll out your mat…

Vinyasa Yoga

Fun. Athletic. Inspirational.

This is what you’ll find in our vinyasa yoga classes — every. single. time.  Expect a class where you’ll get lost in the rhythmic movement of your body + your breath. These classes are meditation in motion– an invigorating experience for the body and the mind.

You’ll move intelligently to get stronger and more flexible + you’ll destress and reconnect to your truest self {we promise!}

Yin Yoga

Deep. Healing. Transformational.

The perfect counterpart to your vinyasa practice– and just as rejuvenating. Savor the time to slow down and plan to be nourished from the inside out. Through long, steady holds of deep stretches you’ll release tension and tightness in your body + bring balance and ease to your mind. Connect to your intuition + enliven your soul. {It’s seriously the ultimate luxury!}

Prenatal Yoga

Personal . Inviting . Supportive .

We’re looking at you mama’s! This is one of the most incredible and {let’s be honest} crazy times in your life, and we’ll be with you the whole way. Take time for yourself + connect to your baby during a class that’s the perfect combo of workout + relaxation. Prep your body + breath for the unbelievable day you bring your little miracle into this world. {PS- our prenatal teachers are all moms too, so they totally get it!}

Redefining HYP-ster

n: a modern yogi | any person who thinks it’s cool to chase their dreams, love others, + unapologetically be themselves


Take a deep breath…


Level-up your practice.

Sometimes a yoga class leaves you wanting even more + that’s where our yoga workshops come in. Take a closer look at your favorite poses in our Asana Labs, or learn how to manifest your goals through Vision Boarding. Our yoga + wellness workshops are taught by experts who will help you take your yoga from a practice to a lifestyle.


Dive in deep.

Are you ready for an experience that will transform your entire life for the better? Our 200HR + 300HR Yoga Teacher Trainings will give you the skills you need to teach others + empower you to live with intention and connect to your purpose. Learn how to sequence classes in our signature style, build your yoga home inside the HYP community, and train with the most experienced yoga teacher trainers in Hudson County.


Redefine wellness.

What’s more fun than practicing yoga in the studio? Practicing yoga on vacation at a yoga retreat! Travel with a tribe of a awesome people to exotic new places. Reward yourself with time to truly unplug during an unforgettable getaway. Think delicious food, beautiful accommodations, + once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Relax, restore, refresh + renew.

Meet our peeps…

Our teachers are expertly trained. They’re also super-cool, down-to-earth people who you’ll probably feel like you’ve known forever. They’re basically some of the best people on the planet + they’re the backbone of the HYP. We love them so much and know you’re going to love them too!

Take us home…

You’re super busy and we totally get it!

That’s why we give you the option to take HYP home with you. Through our online content, you’ll get access to videos, ebooks, + more from any of your devices, at any time.  So whether you’re near or far, now you can really be a HYP-ster anywhere.

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1317 Willow Avenue | 2R (2nd Floor) | Hoboken, NJ

[P] 201 . 850 .1104

[E] namaste@hudsonyogaproject.com