Advanced Sun Salutations for Yoga Teachers


 w/ Kate Lombardo

Date: Saturday, May 11th and Sunday, May 12th | Investment: $265
*Hours apply to 300HR YTT*

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Sun Salutations are a central component of our 300Hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training and the driving engine of Vinyasa Yoga.

In this weekend training, teachers will develop an advanced understanding of the individual postures of traditional sun salutations, and the flowing links between them, including:

-Alignment and anatomy of individual postures, with special attention to chaturanga dandasana

-Beginner, intermediate, and advanced transitional movements, including jumping and lowering

-How to build strength and awareness to progress in transitional movements

-Movements and poses that help prepare the body for full postures and advanced transitions

-How to access the postures safely without straining wrists, elbows, shoulders, neck, and lower back

-Ways to modify sun salutation movements and postures for safety and ease

– Utilize Hands-On assists without disrupting the flow and rhythm of Surya Namaskar

– Learn to teach appropriate variations for different Levels 

-Learn to sequence fun and interesting Sun Salutations that coincide with a specific pose or topic


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