Anatomy Immersion: Lower Body


 w/ Magi Pierce

Date: Thursday, September 12th, 2019 | 11AM-4:30PM | Investment: $145

Want to learn more?


What do the arches of the feet have to do with breathing?

How do poses like triangle and half moon affect the hips, pelvis, and lower back?

Join Magi for this day-long exploration of these questions and anatomy of aspects of the lower body, hips, and diaphragm.

This workshop will be an engaging mix of posture discussion and assessment, basic anatomy and function, injury and rehab ideas, and an opportunity to put it all into practice.

Great for curious students of all levels.

Magi Pierce is a lover of learning. She is fascinated by the intersection of the gross and the esoteric and has spent the last 10+ years offering classes that facilitate self-study and exploration of this junction. These modules, wherein you can learn more about the practice you already love, are some of her favorite to teach.


Continuing your education in these weekend immersions will enrich your yoga practice as well as inform your day-to-day posture and movement life.