Anatomy Immersion: Hands, Elbows, Shoulders, + Neck


 w/ Magi Pierce

Date: Saturday, March 30th + Sunday, March 31st | Investment: $265
*Hours apply to 300HR YTT*

Want to learn more?

Knowing anatomy is about understanding the individual parts in order to better understand how the whole functions.


That’s what you’ll explore in this immersion.


Anatomy Immersions are an exploration of yoga-relevant anatomy in service of creating a high-functioning whole-system. We will cover the muscle and bone landmarks as well as detail the significance of how the joints relate. We will review common injuries to these areas and how to work with proper alignment for healing.

There will be both discussion and practice throughout the weekend as well as individual postural assessment by Magi and the opportunity to hone visual and touch cuing of others.


These mini-courses are designed for students looking to learn a solid anatomical base, graduates of a 200-hour program, and teachers wanting to sharpen their skills.

Continuing your education in these weekend immersions will enrich your yoga practice as well as inform your day-to-day posture and movement life.


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