Beyond Beginner: Full Wheel 


 w/ Kate Lombardo

Date: Thursday, April 18th from 7:45-9:00PM | Investment: $25

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This workshop is perfect if you want to learn how to do full wheel or if you want to learn how to make your deeper and stronger.

We’ll take a look at the steps to building wheel pose, how to use props, and we’ll also look at variations of full wheel. 

In our “Beyond Beginners” workshop series, we’ll tackle specific poses to help you move along your yoga path from Level 1 to Level 2.

You’ll learn the key alignment points for more challenging poses and exercises to help you build the strength to work on them.

These workshops will be highly interactive with lots of one-on-one attention and time for questions in a safe, fun environment.

They’re perfect for Level 1 students looking to transition into Level 2 or for Level 2 students looking to strengthen the foundations of their asana practice.