Soundscape Meditation:  

 w/ Megan Chappius

Date: Friday, June 28th, 2019 from 6:30-7:45PM | Investment: $25

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Immerse yourself in a peaceful and deeply restorative Soundscape Meditation that soothes and re-harmonizes your mind, body, and spirit

A Soundscape Meditation is a full-body listening experience that incorporates a unique blend of sonic textures, tones, and vibrations that support the release of stress and tension within the mind and body.

The sounds will be created through a variety of highly resonant percussive instruments, crystal singing bowls, chimes, guitar, and voice.

The experience will also include a guided meditation, reiki, essential oils, and a cleansing crystal to enhance and deepen your relaxation experience.

Megan Chappius (MT-BC) is a full-time Music Therapist, Singer-Songwriter, and Multi-Instrumentalist based in New Jersey. She works with children and adults with complex medical conditions and varying developmental disabilities. In addition, she plays live music for yoga studios, local venues, private events, and music festivals.