Yoga for Birth: Childbirth Preparation 


 w/ Kimberleigh Weiss-Lewitt

Date: Saturday, September 28th from 2-6:00PM | Investment: $120 per couple

Want to learn more?

Spend an afternoon connecting and preparing for your birth using the tools of yoga.

 In a non-judgmental and loving space, get all of your questions answered and leave with simple and practical information you can use leading up to and during your labor and birth.

This workshop is the perfect complement to your traditional childbirth education (Lamaze, Bradley, etc) or as preparation for birth and parenthood for families who may understand basic pregnancy and labor processes but need that important sacred space to physically, emotionally, and spiritually honor themselves and this unique experience.

Yoga preparation for birth is not only for those planning a “natural” childbirth, but has useful applications for all expectant families.

As a mother, prenatal yoga teacher and seasoned birth doula, Kim knows firsthand how yoga-inspired postures, meditation, vocal toning and visualization can be utilized in pregnancy and labor, and it is her passion to share from her experience and leave you inspired.


Note: Each couple is asked to bring a long scarf (a pashmina scarf works well). We will take a short break—snacks are encouraged!