Our Hoboken Style

Here’s the deal…

When students visit our studio for the first time, the most common feedback we get is that our classes are different than the ones they take at other studios—in a really good way.

They can’t always pinpoint why, but it’s usually some variation of “I’ve never been able to do that pose before and somehow I suddenly can!”.

The reason is, our classes are purposely sequenced to specifically prepare students to learn + practice a specific pose

Peak Pose Yoga is the name we’ve given to the style of vinyasa yoga we teach at the HYP.

Our specific style is based on the concept of vinyasa krama + the alignment principles of BKS Iyengar. Our yoga classes are designed to prepare you to practice a goal yoga pose, what we refer to as the peak pose {get it?!}.

Our classes lead students through a well-rounded sequence that begins with simpler poses and progresses to more challenging and complex poses. Throughout the entire sequence, we guide you through focusing on the actions needed to safely and successfully practice the peak pose. 

For years, we’ve worked with students of all levels who have told us that our classes helped them to “make sense” of yoga. Many students have practiced vinyasa yoga for years, but despite a commitment to daily practice with various teachers and studios, they hit a wall when it came to advancing their practice. We help to break down and unlock new layers to your physical and energetic practice.

Our goal is to help every student— from beginner to advanced— to find ways to grow.

We can’t wait to practice with you! It’s going to be so much fun!



44 Hudson Place | 4th Floor | Hoboken, NJ

[P] 201 . 850 .1104

[E] namaste@hudsonyogaproject.com


1317 Willow Avenue | 2R (2nd Floor) | Hoboken, NJ

[P] 201 . 850 .1104

[E] namaste@hudsonyogaproject.com