Our Team

Hudson Yoga Project

Good people create good vibes,
and that’s why we’ve chosen the best people around to teach for the HYP.

Our teachers know their stuff.

Over 75% of them have completed our 500HR Yoga Teacher Certification, and all of them have been trained in the HYP Sequencing Style. What do all those stats me? It means our teachers are not only going to lead you through a feel-good yoga class–  they’re going to make sure you really learn something in the process.

Not to worry, they’re not going to give you flashbacks to your high school days– Though, they may give you some homework {hello handstand drills!}. 😉

Walking into class with any one of our teachers will feel like walking into your BFF’s place. How do we know?

Because these people are our BFF’s. For real.

Every single person who teaches at the HYP is someone you’ll want to grab a coffee with  {or wine… no judgement here!}.

Some of them teach yoga full time, some of them work on Wall Street and teach yoga as a side gig. But all of them will make you feel comfortable the moment you step on a mat in their class.

Ready to know more about these incredible humans?

Patrick Franco

Yoga Director + Co-Owner

Art. Music. Yoga. Urban. Diversity. Hoboken. NYC. Local. Vegetarian. Father. Husband. Community. This is what inspires Patrick and was the spark that led to the creation of the Hudson Yoga Project. His classes are devoted to creating a light hearted atmosphere that encourages self study through alignment-focused vinyasa yoga and traditional yogic philosophy.

Patrick has lived and worked in Hoboken for over 10 years and currently raises his children in town. Patrick’s teaching is drawn from the 5000-year old tradition of yoga and rooted in ancient texts and practices but integrated and applied in a way that is relevant to the unique and modern environment in which we live. He is a 500hr (E-RYT) with the Yoga Alliance.

Patrick has practiced and studied yoga since 2001 and received his E-RYT500 certification from Yogamaya New York in 2011 and his RYT200 certification from Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in 2007. Patrick is also a licensed acupuncturist in the State of New York and has a thriving acupuncture practice in NYC.

Kate Lombardo

Brand Director + Co-owner

Kate Lombardo is yoga teacher + trainer, wellness educator, + happiness coach who loves living and working in Hoboken. She is fiercely passionate about teaching people how to live happier, more balanced lives filled with abundance + ease.

She is the co-owner of the Hudson Yoga Project and absolutely loves finding new ways to use yoga to create happiness in people’s lives. She is an ERYT200 certified teacher and received her RYT500 certification at the HYP along with her Yin Yoga certification with Corina Benner.  Kate also holds a certificate in Positive Psychology and is a certified Reiki healer.

When she’s not at the studio she loves to travel and jumps on any chance she can get to take a trip— especially to Italy, which is her favorite. Most weekends you can find her at home in her kitchen, making homemade pasta + drinking red wine or heading out to dinner with her amazing husband + best friends and family.

Lindsey Rozmes

Lindsey found yoga when she needed it most. She quickly fell in love with yoga’s heart-healing abilities and blissful buzz. This led her to pursue her 200hr certification from Laughing Lotus in NYC in 2012.

More recently, she’s completed both her Ayurveda Yoga Specialist and Ayurveda Health Counselor certifications with Dr. Rosy Mann and Kathryn Templeton at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA. Lindsey believes that these ancient practices truly guide you to the brightest parts of yourself.

Lindsey’s teachings are derived from her own personal practice and self-exploration. Her teaching style is light-hearted, compassionate and intuitive. Lindsey offers a powerful energetic flow using playful movement with a huge emphasis on breath and mindfulness. She draws on her Ayurveda background to offer students an upbeat approach to balance. Each class includes a few thoughts, inspired music and just enough sweat, flow and rest.

Julie Pasqual

Julie Pasqual earned her 500 Hour Yoga Teaching Certification from Yogamaya in NYC – which means she has learned just how much more she has to learn.

Luckily, she has teachers like the incomparable Stacey Brass and Bryn Chrismann for asana, and the teachers of the staff at The Bhakti Center for philospohy. Her classes are inspired and infused with her love of the practices of bhakti, where the mind is stilled by the opening of the heart, nit-picky alignment, and a love of a good old sweaty practice.

When not on her mat, she is a clown for hospitalized children in NYC, and has traveled to Haiti to clown in refugee camps. She is also a professional storyteller, performing tales to audience of all ages in schools. libraries, festivals, prisons, and shelters. She volunteers at two Domestic Violence Shelters, and sponsors the education of two young girls in India.

Magi Pierce

For the last decade, Magi’s insightful teaching has facilitated students’ self-study by melding the paths of astute anatomical focus with open-hearted devotion and intention. Her way is equal parts precise and kind, and reflects a fervent love and dedication to this path.

Her longtime study in the Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Forrest styles along with her work with Native and yogic spiritual traditions shapes her classes. This synthesis of breath-focus and anatomy nitty-gritty opens channels for deep work and healing on the body, mind, and spirit. In addition to led classes and retreats, Magi teaches both 200-hour foundation trainings and continuing-education immersions, as well as on-going and specialized mentorship programs for teachers.

A relatively recent Brooklyn-to-Jersey City transplant, Magi is excited to teach on this side of the Hudson!

Morgan Gertler

Looking back at her journey into yoga, Morgan realizes that it really is darkest just before the dawn. The light of yoga came into Morgan’s life during a time that felt like unending darkness. Chronic anxiety had become a daily part of Morgan’s life, and it was yoga that provided the tools & strength necessary for her to take back control.

The physical practice paired with a strong focus on the breath helped her overcome much of her anxiety, as well as take her to a new level in how she felt physically. Yoga is now a way of life for Morgan- she makes a daily effort to practice both on and off the mat.

Morgan studied with Priti Robyn Ross, 500 E-RYT & Jay Karlinski, 500 RYT, both esteemed Kripalu teachers. Her training has taught her that yoga is for everyone, no matter age, size or physical ability. Morgan likes to provide her students with a not only a physical practice but a mental one as well. Her goal is for her students to leave class feeling awakened, relaxed, and really sweaty.

Shannon O’Connor

Shannon’s love of yoga began over a decade ago in Hoboken, New Jersey. Working full-time in finance during the day, her yoga practice allows her to relieve stress, quiet the mind, and find space within her body and heart. She provides her students with an invigorating class and also a space to find stillness. Shannon spends a lot of time and attention to crafting the perfect playlist for each class aiming to create a welcoming space for her students to practice.

Striving to make a modern yoga practice available to anyone that steps into her class, Shannon looks for practical ways to weave yoga into every day occurrences. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, her classes embrace openness and diversity. Travel continues to influence Shannon’s life and yoga practice. Most recently, Shannon journeyed to India, Thailand, Japan and Peru, and is always seeking the next adventure.

Shannon completed her 200-hour certification for Yoga Alliance© through the Bright Spirit Teacher Training program at Devotion Yoga LLC©. She is also Stand Up Paddle (“SUP”) Yoga trained through Bliss Paddle Yoga©. In the summer, she brings her yoga to the water teachingSUP classes at the Jersey Shore. Shannon is grateful for the opportunity to educate others and to share her love of yoga. She feels privileged to teach what she enjoys most and seeks to remain a perpetual student.

Alexandra Plante

Alex is a Hoboken resident who took her first yoga class seven years ago to alleviate her constant back pain. After years of getting so much out of yoga, she decided to give back to the community by becoming a yoga teacher. She earned her 200hr certification in June 2016.

When she is not on the mat, Alexandra is back at school earning a graduate degree in Information and Library Science, traveling, or enjoying the city of Hoboken with her husband and their dog, Otis.

Alex’s teaching is focused on alignment and structure. Her goal is that students leave class feeling content in mind, body and soul.


Brie Bednarski

Brie found yoga about eight years ago and fell in love with the way both her physical and mental body felt after practicing. Each time she spent time on her mat, she found a new sense of strength and trust in the universe.

Through traumatic loss, yoga had been a constant source of love and healing for Brie. She wanted to share the incredible healing power of the practice with others and the stars aligned when she found HYP. Brie has completed both her 200hr and 300hr teacher trainings with The Hudson Yoga Project.

Brie aims to provide students with a warm space for self-inquiry and with the tools to heal from the inside out. Her classes weave alignment-focussed movement, meditation, and breath work to connect to the body, mind, and soul. She considers the HYP studio a home and hopes to bring that same energy to her classes.

Brie is now a full-time teacher and graphic designer. She is also passionate about long-distance running and has completed several marathons. She believes yoga has been one of the main tools that enable her to stay healthy through the milage.

Christine Burbridge

Christine’s love and passion for body movement began when she started dancing at the age of three and continued through college where she was part of the dance team. As a competitive dancer growing up in New Jersey, Christine learned the virtues of discipline and fellowship.

After finishing school, Christine moved to Hoboken in 2004, where she discovered yoga not only as a form of physical activity but also a constant, dependable source of strength and spirituality. Christine was drawn to the themes of empathy, connectedness and harmony that the practice embodied.

Just as dance had been a central part of her upbringing, yoga has become integral to her continued growth as an adult. She received her yoga teacher certification with the goal of helping others gain the same feeling of connectedness and understanding of their mind, body and soul.

Christine teaches both vinyasa yoga and prenatal yoga classes in Northern New Jersey and is currently pursuing training to become an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor.

Kristen Beriloff

Searching for a retreat from the fast pace of city life, Kristen discovered yoga and fell in love. Combining her passion for yoga with her professional background in psychology, Kristen provides her students with a stimulating mental and physical practice. Kristen is an RYT-200 and Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher who delivers a mindful and playful experience that is accessible to students of all levels. When she is not sharing her love of yoga, Kristen enjoys being a mom and a school psychologist, teaching mindfulness as a stress reduction strategy for students of all ages.

Kristie Marciniak

After earning her 200 hour certification from Bright Spirit Teacher Training in 2012, Kristie became an apprentice at the guidance of her mentor Julie Pasqual.

In March of 2014 Kristie became Pre-Natal Certified under the teachings of Carrie Parker Gastelu. Through many years of yoga and from trainings, Kristie has developed a practice she wishes to share with others. Her classes are focused on the breath while leading students through a series of poses working toward a peak pose.

Kristie feels that not only do the practitioners of yoga learn from their teacher, but that as a teacher, you learn so much from your students. Through her yoga practice, Kristie has brought a calmer, more relaxed outlook to her daily life.

Mélie Purdon

It was in 2008 when Melie moved from Paris to NYC that she discovered yoga, and it’s been part of her life from that first moment forward. As part of her Dramatic Arts Studies, Yoga was used as a vector to the breath, emotions, and voice. As a mother of two, her first pregnancy allowed her to turn this hobby into a passion. Not only did the practice translate from pregnancy to birth, but also carried on from the mat to everyday life. Having caught the yogic bug and a burning desire to share it, Melie found her way the first Hudson Yoga Project 200HR teacher training. She has also studied Prenatal Yoga with Kimberley Weiss-Lewit.

Melie is unmeasurably grateful for the Hudson Yoga Project , Patrick Franco and her teachers along the way for their dedication, their passion and for being a constant source of enlightenment and inspiration.

Lauren Penza

Lauren was first introduced to yoga as a means of treating chronic tendonitis in her legs and feet. What began several years ago as a therapeutic physical practice quickly evolved into a deep connection to self acceptance, spirituality, and the cultivation of stillness and body awareness. Inspired by the profound impact that the practice had on her own life, Lauren is deeply committed to helping others find relaxation, peace, and joy through yoga.

Nature and being outdoors are an integral part of Lauren’s life and a key influence on her yoga and meditation practices. Whether she is hiking in the woods, photographing flowers, or practicing “SUP” yoga on the water, Lauren is always looking to take the calming elements of yoga off the mat and into her life.

Lauren completed her 200-hour certification for Yoga Alliance through the Hudson Yoga Project Teacher Training program at the HYP. She is also a professional yoga photographer who enjoys helping students and teachers express their love of yoga through images of them in their favorite postures.

Melissa schultz

Melissa’s yoga practice started about 8 years ago when she moved to Jersey City from South Africa. She began to deepen her practice even more when she moved to LA in 2013 and she has not stopped since! She moved back to Hoboken 3 years ago. She has had amazing and inspiring teachers over the years and with their encouragement and support she decided to complete her 200hr Vinyasa teacher training at Laughing Lotus NYC in 2017. This was a transformational experience! From there she went on to do an apprenticeship at HYP with Patrick Franco as her mentor. She became certified in restorative yoga in 2018 at Laughing Lotus and recently certified in prenatal with Kimberleigh Weiss-Lewitt at HYP. She is working towards her 300hr training. 

She is hoping to share her passion for yoga, connecting others with body, mind and breath. She aspires to help others find that moment of stillness and clarity, leaving one feeling grounded, renewed and well balanced.

Her classes are uplifting, heart opening and a good way to relieve stress from busy day to day lives. She is very drawn to the chakras and therefore often have chakra based classes. They fascinate her and this is something that has become a greater focus overall.

Yoga has definitely become a lifestyle for Melissa and she cannot imagine life without it!

Kimberleigh Weiss-Lewitt

Kimberleigh is known for her thoughtful and caring approach to teaching yoga to pregnant women and everyone else. Her goal is always to guide her students to make their practice their own and to take yoga off the mat and into their lives. Kim has been teaching yoga for over a decade with her initial 200-hour certification from Lotus Gardens. She completed her 500-hour training with Laughing Lotus in NYC and holds a certification in prenatal yoga from Yoga Haven. 

Kim is an active volunteer both with La Leche League in Hoboken and Liberation Prison Yoga where she serves pregnant women and new mothers at Rikers Island Jail. In addition to teaching prenatal yoga to many women in our community, she is honored to attend births as a certified birth doula. Using her experience to inspire others, Kim is a teacher trainer leading courses in trauma-informed yoga, prenatal yoga and birth doula work.

Mamen Garcia

Mamen García first found Yoga by chance a few months after her first child was born in 2012. Maternity was beautiful but also overwhelming at times . She took her first yoga class in Barcelona, where she is originally from, in search of the all important“me time” all new moms need.
It was like magic. She couldn’t explain why but she felt good (so much better!) after that class so she kept showing up on the mat. Eventually, with time and practice she understood that for her Yoga was not only a physical practice but a lifestyle.

She believes that yoga brings the best version of oneself and that it is a perfect way to find your path in this world.

She completed her 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training in 2019 at Hudson Yoga Project. She has also completed her Apprentice Program at the studio and is currently immersed in her 300Hr YTT.

In her classes, Mamen wants to create a place where people feel safe, grounded and involved. Her goal is to create a class where you can take what you have learned with you off the mat and apply it in practice. From the music, the yoga philosophy and Ayurveda (another of her passions!) Mamen crafts a class for you to come, practice and leave feeling better than when you arrive.

Niki Poveromo

Niki Poveromo rediscovered her love of yoga when she became pregnant with her first daughter and started attending prenatal yoga classes regularly. The sense of community and the atmosphere in the studio made her keep coming back for more. Fast forward to 2017, two kids later, Niki completed her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training from that same studio, Yoga Vida, in NYC. She also studied Restorative Yoga with Abby Paloma and Ally Bogard at Yoga Vida.

Niki continued her training in the Fall of 2017, completing a 25-Hour Kids Yoga certification through Yogi Beans in NYC, and is currently working towards her 95-Hour Registered Children’s Yoga Teaching certification through ChildLight Yoga, already having completed training for Babies and Toddlers, Teens/Preteens, and Athletes.

Niki has also completed her Basics and Advanced Prenatal Yoga Teaching certification through ChildLightYoga, in November 2018 and May 2019 respectively. She loves that she can now offer a safe space and opportunity for community to moms-to-be that she was given when she was pregnant.

Niki was born and raised in Astoria, NY, but is now a Hoboken Lifer, with her hubby, two daughters and two pups.

Lindsay Monal

Lindsay Monal empowers students to uncover their wholeness through yoga. Her infectious smile and nurturing approach create an environment for introspection where students can experience the wonder of their body and the intelligence of their breath.

Lindsay has a background in trauma-conscious yoga which has informed the way she supports the physical, mental, and spiritual well being of her students. She invites her classes to cultivate a friendliness with their bodies and strives to make both the physical and energetic yogic practices accessible to all people.

With over 500 hours of training, Lindsay is grateful to share the wisdom of ISHTA, which is both an acronym for the Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda and a Sanskrit word meaning “that which resonates with the individual spirit.” Her classes are lighthearted, relaxing, and full of (corny) jokes. Join her this week for a session in self-love!

Dana Furrow

Dana’s love for yoga started when she took her first beginner’s series. Dana completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification through the Bright Spirit Teacher Training program.
Having three children has taught Dana the true meaning of yoga and inspired her to pursue her certification in pre- and post-natal yoga with FlorYoga. Dana strives to provide a comfortable and nurturing environment in which her students can explore both the physical and spiritual practice of yoga on and off the mat.

Eileen O’Sullivan

Eileen teaches Yin Yoga for the HYP. More info about her coming soon!

Mara Natale

Mara completed her 200HYR YTT at the Hudson Yoga Project and is also a graduate of HYP’s Apprentice Program. More info about her coming soon!


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