Waking up in a cozy bed with the sun streaming in through your window. No alarm. No agenda. Just a day ahead relaxing and exploring a new place.

You start the morning off with a cup of tea or coffee from the local region, and then take a slow stroll to take a morning yoga class.

You follow that with a delicious, healthy breakfast while taking in the view around you. You’re calm, refreshed, and excited to explore. Where your day goes from there is entirely up to you.

This could be your life on one of our yoga retreats.

Doing yoga on vacation is the best. 

Whether you’re looking for a beach getaway where you soak up the surf + sun, or prefer to be cozied up by a fireplace after a hike through the mountains, we’re sure you’ll find a retreat with us you’ll love.

Self-care takes on a whole new meaning during these wellness adventures.  You’ll travel with awesome people to some of the most beautiful places in the world. Not only will you spend time practice yoga each day, but you’ll also have plenty of time to engage with the locals and indulge in all the culture has to offer.

The best part? The agenda is all yours! We’ll come up with enough activities to keep you busy if you choose, or you can do your own thing. Take time to sit and read or do an excursion and explore your destination.

These trips are meant to help you unwind, reconnect, and have a really, really fantastic time.

Ready to pack your bags?

Here’s where we’re headed…



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